Water house | Castagnole delle Lanze

Address Piazza Martini, 14054 Castagnole delle Lanze AT, Italia
Tel 0141 875626
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Located in piazza Martini and installed by the Municipality thanks to a contribution from the Autorità d'Ambito (public institution that deals with the integrated water cycle of the Asti area), it works 24 hours a day via a rechargeable key.

The cost of water is 5 cents per liter.

Using the water from the house significantly reduces the use of plastic.

You can choose between natural or sparkling water.

The key must be picked up and loaded at the municipal offices on Mondays - Tuesdays - Wednesdays and Fridays (telephone 0141 875626 / 0141 875629) or on Thursdays at the SAP office of S. Bartolomeo from 9:00 am at 12:00.

The cost of the deposit for the key without recharging is 5 euros, which will be returned upon possible return.

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