Widespread Playground | Castagnole delle Lanze

Address: 14054 Castagnole delle Lanze AT, Italia

The Municipality of Castagnole delle Lanze officially completed the construction works of the Widespread Playground in the village in April 2023.

This project was carried out thanks to the participation in the tender of the Piedmont Region relating to the funding of the "Let's play in the open air" initiative, for the construction of widespread playgrounds for minors and families.

This is the second experience of this type for Castagnole delle Lanze after having already created the first Widespread Playground in 2022, the protagonist of a great success.

The project comes from the traditional street game, which does not include cumbersome installations but colored lines that blend with the urban environment, creating new non-invasive play spaces.

Art installations redevelop public spaces, they are ideal for making a school courtyard, a square, a public park, a street, or a tree-lined avenue playable.

"A beautiful opportunity born thanks to the participation in the Regional Call, which made it possible to make street corners, school courtyards, and public parks in our country colorful and usable for the little ones. A different way of playing, going back to games a bit of once in the open air but with the innovation of the QR codes that help in understanding the rules of the game modes", comments the Councilor for Social Policies Mariagrazia Rosso.

The Municipality of Castagnole delle Lanze has created the city's first Widespread Playground in collaboration with the same inventors of this innovative initiative: the circowow.it team, a company specialized in playful processes, the creation of playgrounds, and events for families.

The team that participated in the realization of the project is in fact made up of the Circowow artists, led by the creative Sara Pieretti and by the founders of Wow srl, Filippo Chiadò Puli, an expert in playful processes and creativity applied to the game and Luca Vincent Pecora, marketing expert territory and television face of Rai YoYo.

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